Using the Exokit Engine

Visual guide

Where do I get Exokit Engine?

Install Exokit with Exokit installer.

Exokit Engine will have been included with the Exokit installer.

Open a WebGL site

To open a site in Exokit Engine, enter the http/https URL into the CLI. Here’s an example:

Paste this in the command window and hit enter. Exokit should load the site.

Exokit expects the URL to point to a regular HTML web site which serves as the entrypoint for your app.

If Exokit sees that the site requested a WebGLRenderingContext for a <canvas>, it will open a window to render the contents.

Opening a site by entering the URL in the CLI


  • You can use a file:///local/path/goes/here or file://C:\local\path\goes\here URL to load a local file.
  • This is the same thing as doing this in the Exokit CLI:

    window.location.url = URL_GOES_HERE
  • You can also run the Exokit Engine from any shell, assuming exokit is in your PATH:

    exokit URL_GOES_HERE

Open a WebXR site

Exokit supports both WebXR and WebVR.

If the site is designed correctly and you have a headset, Exokit should automatically open in XR mode.

How it works

If you have a headset connected, Exokit will automatically emit vrdisplayactivate events. The site is expected to listen for these events, and start a WebXR or WebVR session in response.

The site may also listen for regular keyboard/mouse events to create an XR session, but this is not recommended as it results in a poor user experience.

Create an engine example

There’s a full WebXR example for you to play with on GitHub.

You can see more Exokit Apps here!

Gif of example running