Exokit Engine vs Chrome vs Firefox

Test Subject: Supermedium’s Gunters of OASIS

How was FPS captured?

  • Exokit Engine - Using the flag -up we uncap the Exokit Engine FPS and log FPS to console.

  • Chrome - Chrome’s Dev Tools built in FPS meter.

  • Firefox - Firefox’s built in FPS meter.

Our Test Rig

  • OS - Windows 10
  • GPU - Nvidia GTX 980
  • CPU - Intel i7 4790k @ 4.6 ghz
  • RAM - 16GB @ 1800 mhz

How do we achieve these gains?

Exokit Engine cuts the fat off of the old-school, deprecated browsers.

With less overhead, and the power of Javascript, we achieve 2-3 times faster speeds compared to old-school browsers.

Simply put, Exokit Engine does less work than Chrome and Firefox.

Exokit Engine gives VR/AR developers back their maximum hardware performance.

More sophisticated and thorough benchmarks are coming soon, but feel free to try for yourself!